This page offers an overview of the datasets produced and processed by Lobelia, with links to more in-depth demos.

Data is offered through Lobelia Explore, an exploratory viewer that helps users gain insights from cloud-based, serverless datacubes in a rich, enjoyable way.

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System requirements

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Application: © Lobelia Earth, 2021. All rights reserved.

Data: soil moisture © Lobelia Earth 2021.

Data: water level © Lobelia Earth 2021.

Data: Lobelia Air Barcelona NO₂ reanalysis dataset © Lobelia Earth & KNMI 2019. Data is available under the Open Database Licence.

Data: raw and modified CMIP6 (ScenarioMIP) data. O’Neill, B. C., Tebaldi, C., van Vuuren, D. P., Eyring, V., Friedlingstein, P., Hurtt, G., Knutti, R., Kriegler, E., Lamarque, J.-F., Lowe, J., Meehl, G. A., Moss, R., Riahi, K., and Sanderson, B. M.: The Scenario Model Intercomparison Project (ScenarioMIP) for CMIP6, Geosci. Model Dev., 9, 3461-3482, doi:10.5194/gmd-9-3461-2016, 2016.

Data: Contains modified Copernicus Service information.

Basemap layer: Mapbox © OpenStreetMap contributors.

Basemap layer: Lobelia Oceans Dark v1, © Lobelia Earth 2022, based on OpenStreetMap data (© OpenStreetMap contributors), as well as EFAS/GLOFAS data from ECMWF. Country borders follow UN guidance; dashed lines represent disputed borders.